Conservatives introduce 'coerced abortion' bill

A true private member's bill, or not, they now own it.

Rod Bruinooge, chair of the all-party pro-life caucus in Parliament, wants it to be a crime to coerce a woman to have an abortion.

Apparently, however, the Conservatives don't want it to be a crime to coerce a woman to not have one.

And... the abortion debate seems to be back on the table, eh?


noncarborundum said...

well stated sir! /tips hat

CK said...

I guess he forgot the Jean-Guy Tremblay and Chantal Daigle story.

She was forced to leave Montreal to have her abortion because Tremblay kept trying to stall the court in order to extend an injunction preventing her from having an abortion and Tremblay turned out to be a serial women beater and is doing time in the hoose gow.

Real good! As for the abortion debate, probably a good thing it's back on the table. I for one would like to see Brother Steve backed into a corner, forced to admit his fetus fetishing ways for all the electorate to hear with a potential election as early as this fall

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