I feel like I just woke up!

You may have noticed that I am barely blogging lately. Truth is, I can't be bothered.

After winning a share of the 6/49 lottery, I've found myself increasingly uninterested with the progressive blogosphere. Frankly, you mostly come across as a bunch of whiners who expect everything to be made perfect.

Wake up! There isn't any difference between Harper and Iggy worth mentioning, and the NDP are pointless. This country is becoming more balkanized and politicized, the Federal government waning in its power. The dollar is rising due to money trader speculation (where's Jesus' money-monger table kicking when you need it?), crumbling Ontario's manufacturing sector. Our government ignores Parliament, and most of us. Ontario continues to leach Toronto dry while failing meet promised funding for transit projects badly needed by our worst-in-the-world gridlock.

I'm fed up. I'm moving back to my birthplace of Montreal. I hope the province separates.

At least Gilles Duceppe stands for something.

If it doesn't, I have relatives in Nova Scotia, and political contacts there working on a separatist party there pushing for a formal and separate trade relationship with bordering US states. I'll move there.

Screw you all!


Balbulican said...

I'm GLAD I gave you a headache, you traitorous pig.

Communists like you should be shot, then tortured, then shot again just to make sure. And maybe tortured after that. I haven't decided.

Mark Richard Francis said...

As if. I burned my communist party card the second the lottery cheque rolled in.

sassy said...

And what's the date today?

Mark Richard Francis said...

Sassy, are you accusing me of being a liar?

sassy said...

Who me, accuse you of . . . NEVER!!!

Not here, Over There!

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