A Thought on Campaign Slogans

We're in turbulent times. Economically uncrertain. People are worried about their jobs. People want certainty. Comfort.

Canada just elected a stay-the-course Prime Minister preaching exactly that.

So, here you are, trying to come up with a theme for your opposition political leader in an upcoming provincial election.

And the theme you choose is 'Change?'

You call the policy book 'Changebook?'

Your advertised Twitter hashtag is '#changevote?'

Your campaign bus says '[change]' all over it?

Your candidates have roads signs on their pamphlets saying 'Change Ahead?'

Is this wise?

Compare and contrast:

PCs: Change
NDP: Change that puts people first
Greens: It's Time
Liberals: Forward. Together.

The NDP slogan reads like PC-lite. Even my beloved Greens are working on a 'change' theme.

Look at the Liberal slogan. Isn't that safe? Secure? Together, going forward, which is always good, right? It's safe, it's optimistic. It visions, even. We are given a positive direction, and none of us are alone.

Do people really want change now?

They don't want change. Change isn't safe. They may want BETTER, but they'll stick with being safe. Stay the course (FORWARD). TOGETHER.

You know what? That's a good slogan for the times.

Change isn't. Change is scary.

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